Calvado’s Snifter Glass

Calvado’s Snifter Glass

The Calvado’s 700ml Snifter Glass from Dr. Vranjes an adored and unique Luxury Fragrance mixed with Apple essences, aromatic notes of tannins of oak and fresh floral scents! This unique piece is great for a gentleman’s room or bar. Totally irresistible!

Calvado's 700ml Snifter Glass Pack

Rosso Nobile

Introducing the Rosso Nobile range to TLC, Our personal fave! Just look at the decanter with its unique grape vine sticks, unlike your typical reed stick, it gives it a sort of je ne sais quoi! Gorgeous, unique…perfect accent piece and makes for a great gift!
Rosso Nobile 750ml Decanter Pack

Magnum Bottle Dr. Vranjes

As you already know Dr. Vranjes is the epitome of Luxury Fragrance, the Rolls Royce so to say. It can be used in virtually any space indoors…homes, lobbies, offices. Dazzle your guests with not only fresh and unique scents enlightening their senses but also with the ever so unique never before seen diffuser bottles. They truly are one of a kind. A TLC must have!!!

Magnum Bottle 5000ml

Do you have a favourite fragrance? Make it last forever with the Dr. Vranjes Magnum (5000ml) bottle! Such a statement piece in any home and a fabulous gift!